Information about Afloat's Marine Market

How it works

How it works

Afloat Marine Market is marketplace that allows people to buy, sell and offer items to each other with a fixed price format.  Buyers and sellers use their PayPal business or premier account to buy or accept payments for any items if they so choose. 

Afloat Marine Market is not directly involved in the transaction between buyers and sellers. Read more in our terms and conditions here. 


There is no charge to list items on Afloat Marine Market. If you choose to utilise PayPal , you will be charged 5% the sale price of the item and then an additional 3% approximately from PayPal . These are the only fees you will be charged for selling on Afloat Marine Market. 


When listing please include as much information as you can and include shipping in your list price. 


Refunds and exchanges should be on a case by base basis. Whenever you list an item you should include whether it is available for refund and exchange prior to posting the listing.